Hamid Sheikh

Big. Tough. Packed with a punch. Meeting Hamid is like eating a Jackfruit. It’s an intimidating fruit, but once you get past the tough skin, you’ll be greeted by several little morsels of fruits in the form of ideas. Hamid is the idea man at Citrus; a 15 minute conversation with him is bound to leave you with at least 3 business ideas. An entrepreneur to the core, his decade worth of experience in technical recruitment and ability to build relationships (rather than associations) is what drives Citrus.

Hamid lives with his family in Lahore. He loves being able to change lives, giving ideas, going on long drives and having spellathons with his son. When he’s not working or enjoying good food, you can find him rooting for Manchester United and keeping a tab on global financial markets.

Citrus Konsulting

Citrus Konsulting is a trusted business support consultancy group. Our collaboration with international firms is an affirmation of the quality and reliability of our services.