Haseeb Zafar

He might come across as perpetually sweet, but don’t be misled by that smile. Like a Pomelo, Haseeb embodies layers of flavours that will impress you – even if you’ve known him forever. The bitter exterior of a Pomelo is quintessentially Haseeb, who is known to be the Bad Cop to Hamid’s Good Cop (afterall, someone has to maintain order). Haseeb is the action man at Citrus. If Hamid comes up with an idea, Haseeb executes it; creating SOPs and organizing teams that will get the job done.

Haseeb lives with his family in the historical city of Lahore. He is a family man who loves to travel, play Cricket and take long peaceful walks at night with his wife. A true Lahori at heart, most of Haseeb’s thoughts are occupied by food – be it making it, eating it, or daydreaming about it; and much to Hamid’s chagrin, he supports Barcelona FC.

Citrus Konsulting

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