About Citrus Konsulting

Citrus Konsulting is a Pakistan-based firm, providing BPO services to clients, both local and international. What started in 2011 as an idea between two friends, has now expanded into a 50-man operation, functioning with two divisions; Accounting services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We have come a long way in 10 years, and hope to push our operations to new geographical and corporate horizons. We challenged ourselves from the past two years and brought real change like no one else! Citrus Konsulting is now known for its high integrity and efficiency in the market. Our extensive experience in both the fields has helped us evolve the trends of a diverse range of industries.



We lead the market by catering to the financial needs of local and international clients. Our service-oriented approach works well to integrate with corporative targets of huge business plans. We are a worthy addition to Pakistan`s digitalization from a global perspective.
Citrus Konsulting is determined to become a market leader in the industry, and provide international clients with services that help them accomplish their corporate goals.


We have a mission to celebrate the success of our valuable customers. Integrity and quality are what we believe to deliver in the market and rise as a trustworthy name!